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Program & Concentrations


We want to ensure that you have a cohesive educational experience in your Master of Education degree program. Your ePortfolio enables you to make important connections across courses and also provides faculty with an opportunity to view your coursework in the larger context of your goals and professional experience.

Our goal is for you to graduate with evidence of your capacity for leadership as an education professional and your ability to do leading edge, professional work. But what does this mean? To clarify the program's purpose and standards for excellence, we have articulated a program mission and outcomes for each of the concentrations in the program.

The Masters program has a shared focus around developing culturally responsive systems thinkers who are effective communicators, creative problem solvers, and who are able to innovate on a small or large scale. The program's core courses are designed to help you develop a foundation in these areas, exploring the array of educational experiences across a person's lifespan. Click on "Program Mission & Outcomes" in the left column for more information.


The Masters Program's overarching vision for your development is coherent, but outcomes and portfolio work vary across the concentrations. Each has been carefully designed to achieve both depth and breadth in a field, preparing graduates a specific professional trajectory. Concentrations include eLearning Design (eLID), Learning and Instruction (L&I primarily K-12 oriented), Higher Education Administration (HEA),  and Special Education (Sp. Ed.).


As you move through the carefully sequenced courses in your concentration, you will increase your capabilities and also build a deeper understanding of the content and of yourself as a professional. Use the links in the left column to read about your concentration's distinctiveness, outcomes, and curriculum.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.