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ePortfolio Examples


The Master of Education Program ePortfolio component was revised in fall 2013 to correspond with curricular revisions.  In coming terms we will invite nominations for exemplary portfolios and include the links to those that are selected on this page.


The ePortfolio_Hallmarks_of_Excellence document describes criteria for recognition of an entire portfolio. In some courses you will also be asked to annotate work samples and provide commentary on your progress.  That work will be evaluated according to the Reflection Criteria for Excellence.


"The benefits of compiling and reflecting upon my work in an ePortfolio are extensive. I can easily access information from previous courses and make meaningful connections across courses and content areas. If concepts, knowledge, and skills remain isolated throughout my learning experience, then the potential benefits of my academic program are incomplete and unfulfilled. My ePortfolio helps me reduce this isolation to get the most out of my program. The ePortfolio enables me to make connections where I may not have otherwise."  – T. D., Masters Program Student 2012


"I am able to share my learning in a colorful, creative way. This format allows me to bring words to life, allowing my reader to see inside my journey and not just words on a paper. Some images and videos I chose to include convey meanings that are otherwise hard to capture. The use of video allows me to speak my ideas to my audience. Through my voice you hear my passion and purpose for my work."  – S.H., Masters Program Student 2012


"My ePortfolio work during the program will crossover nicely into a professional portfolio -- a compilation of polished work samples that I can show future supervisors to demonstrate my capabilities." – R.W., Masters Program Student 2012

In addition to the firsthand experiences described by students (see quotes on the right), we believe that ePortfolios are useful for:


Program Direction 
While you're in the program, your ePortfolio provides you with successive snapshots of your learning, so that you can see how your work is adding up.


Professional Development 
In viewing your ePortfolio as a whole you will probably see places where you would benefit from more depth and experience.  This helps you make informed decisions about courses or workplace opportunities that will help you achieve your professional goals.


Demonstration of Professional Accomplishment 
By the time you graduate you will be able to present others with a comprehensive picture of your strengths, expertise, capabilities, and accomplishments
.  You will also be able to share work samples that provide evidence of your claims.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.