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How Vital is Academic Advising in Higher Education? Improving Retention Rates in Online Programs at University X by Providing Adequate Academic Advising 

By: Erinda Spiro




This case study plans to review the problem of practice on student retention rates at University X as affected by the rapid increase of online programs. The focus will be on finding solutions to increase student retention rates in online (distance learning) programs at University X. Solution strategies will be derived from in-person interviews with senior administrators at various post-secondary institutions, my experience as an administrative staff and from peer reviewed studies. University X is a private, 4 year, not-for-profit, post secondary institution.


Problem of Practice (PoP): Staff at University X are not providing adequate academic advising which is negatively impacting retention rates in online programs.


The video below encapsulates some of the problematic prospects and potential solutions to the PoP. 






This case study reviews the experiences of a student in a graduate online program at a 4-year, non-profit, large university in the United States. The example of practice reviews the student's experiences with academic advising throughout the duration of the program which was 4 years. The student will be refered to as Jane Smith to maintain the confidentiality of the student. Jane's experience with inadequate academic advising impacted her academic success in the online program, which is also referred to as a distance learning program. Nonetheless, Jane successfully graduated, after spending 2 additional years in the program. 





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.