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All living organisms are made up of cells. 

All living things, such as trees, dogs, pandas, and you, are made of cells. All of them!

Nonliving things, such as rocks, cars, computers, are not made of cells.


The cell is the basic unit of life. 

Cells are like the Legos of living things -- they make up your shape and size. For example, your skin is made up of skin tissue, which is made up of skin cells.

Cells also work together in teams to do everything that you need to do. For example, red blood cells work together to carry oxygen to your heart. 

Energy flow occurs within cells. 

The food that you eat has lots of energy. Cells change food into energy. When you do anything, such as eat, talk, run, or swim, you need energy. Cells give you the energy to do these things.

So how do we make 10 trillion cells?
Let's find out in the next part
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.