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Cells come from pre-existing cells. 

This means that cells are made from other cells. Cells make other cells by a process called mitosis. Basically, mitosis is when a cell makes an exact copy of itself. 

This also means that cells cannot randomly appear out of nowhere. All living things have to come from other living things.

DNA is passed on from cell to cell. 


DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA is inside every cell. Basically, DNA is the instructions for what makes you, you. Your DNA tells your cells what to do. All of your cells have the same DNA because when your cells make copies of each other, they also make copies of the DNA.


Nobody has the same DNA: your DNA is different from everyone else's. This is why people look different. However, identical twins have the same DNA. This is why they look the same, and maybe even think the same.

Now that we know all about what cells do, let's learn about what's inside a cell.
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