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So what exactly is a cell made out of? How do cells do the things that they do?


One of the most important jobs of the cell is to make proteins. You might have heard about proteins when you were talking about eggs, milk, or meat. Why are proteins so important? Proteins actually do a lot of different things, such as fight invaders in your body, move your muscles, send signals around your body, and make up the structure and shape of your body, like building blocks.

In cells, a bunch of different little structures called organelles work together to make these proteins. The different types of organelles  look different and have different jobs.


The cytoplasm is the fluid in the cell that surrounds the organelles. It cushions all the other organelles that are in the cell. It's sort of like jelly. In this picture, the cytoplasm is dark blue.


The cells in animals are different from the cells in plants. They have different shape, and some of the organelles are different. For this website, we will look at animal cells.


Let's begin with my little protein makers, the ribosomes.

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