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A Mission To Discover the Brain


My name is Amanda Stroiney and I am a junior at Northeastern studying neuroscience. When I first heard about the field of neuroscience, I was fascinated by how science could have such practical applications in psychology. I became most interested in the biological processes behind psychiatric disorders and decided to focus on the brain (and the corresponding central nervous system) during my undergraduate college experience. 


I have had a few diverse experiences with the brain. My first experience with the brain was in Professor Heather Brenhouse's Developmental Neuropsychobiology lab, where I learned about the effects of early-life stress on the brain in rodent models. I then took my first co-op at Arbour Hospital, the largest public psychiatric hospital in Massachusetts. I was able to interact clinically with patients with psychiatric and substance disorders. 


At my current job, Dana Farber, I work in the clinical radiology department where I work on clinical trials. My main clinical trial includes looking at patients with glioblastoma multiforme (an aggressive brain cancer) and assessing their tumors via fusion imaging modalities. I am responsible for manipulating the images in order to assess them and extract the information we need. I even got the opportuninty to attend the American Society of Clinical Oncology conference representing Dana Farber. 


My future goals include medical school, where I would like to continue my research and clinical involvement with the brain. I hope that my diverse experiences with the brain, studying development, psychiatry, and oncologic immunology, will lead me into a fulfilling career studying the brain and making clinical advancements for all patients. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.