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Cancer Nanomed­i­cine Co-​​ops for Under­grad­uate Research Expe­ri­ences


CaNCURE was established in 2014, with a $1.15M training grant from the NCI, to train undergraduate students at Northeastern University in research at the interface of nanotechnology, cancer biology, and medicine. The program provides a hands-on research experience and one-on-one mentoring by leading Boston researchers in cancer nanomedicine.


This program is a part­ner­ship between North­eastern University and the Ini­tia­tive to Elim­i­nate Cancer Dis­par­i­ties at the Dana-​​Farber/​Harvard Cancer Center.  Funding is provided by the National Cancer Institute (grant #R25CA174650-02). The program aims to encourage the next generation of scientists and clinicians to pursue a career in cancer research or cancer medicine.


Trainees perform full-time research for six months in the laboratory of a CaNCURE mentor.  Specialized workshops, seminars, and other educational activities round out each trainee’s research experience.  Key components of the CaNCURE program include:

  •   Mentoring by a world leader in cancer nanomedicine
  •   Hypothesis-driven research within an NCI-funded laboratory
  •   Problem-solving as part of a team with graduate students and post-docs
  •   Team-building through participation in lab meetings, CaNCURE orientation, & continuing education workshops
  •   Networking with invited guest speakers
  •   Presentation of research findings at local and national conferences

You can learn more about trainee research and education here.


CaNCURE is a Northeastern University and Dana-Farber / Harvard Cancer Center

partnership funded by the National Cancer Institute


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.