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About Me


Hi, my name is Cassandra (Cassie) Burke and I am a Northeastern graduate with a dual degree in Education and Psychology. I completed my teaching practicum in the Boston Public School system and was placed in a second grade SEI classroom at Samuel Adams Elementary School. I particularly enjoy working with “at-risk” children and children with special needs.  As a student teacher, I created lessons that engaged all learners by applying a variety of teaching methods;  organizing individual projects, creating games and learning centers, and implementing targeted lessons for small groups.  I combined the traditional test assessment method with alternative methods such as portfolios, rubrics, and performance assessments to evaluate my students. While student teaching I met with parents or communicated via email and telephone to inform them of the students’ accomplishments and discuss areas needing extra attention.


      I am a person who thrives on helping others, seeing others happy, and having fun.  I love working with children, and have done so since I was 10 years old. Throughout my youth I worked with children in numerous ways; babysitting, tutoring, and  running kids summer camps, drama camps, and afterschool programs for elementary school children. As a junior in high school I began teaching dance to kindergarten and first graders. As time passed, I slowly picked up more dance classes and taught a broader range of age groups to teach. With experience working with a wide range of students in numerous settings, I have a diverse background with much to offer in an elementary school.



 In addition to completing an undergraduate degree, I worked as a teacher’s aid and tutor for grade levels K-5 at Patrick Lyndon Elementary School in West Roxbury.  Meanwhile, I continued to work with children as a camp counselor, dance teacher, high school dance team coach, long-term nanny, fitness instructor and volunteer at the South Shore ARC with individuals with special needs, all while completing my schoolwork and making Dean's List each semester. Many of my close friends and family did not agree with my hectic, overbooked lifestyle, but I looked forward to the busiest days of my work week the most: they forced me to learn how to manage my time, and turned me into the person I am today - a strong, independent woman who loves interwinding many modules to improve the lives of others.


I am passionate about teaching children. I believe that building close relationships with students is the foundation of a well-run classroom. Through this process I can help them build a sense of confidence and enable them to grow as learners. It is my goal to incorporate my prior experience in a school setting as well as my additional work experience to be an empathetic, passionate, enthusiastic, intelligent teacher who will make a positive contribution to your school.  

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