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Advising the Advisor


Cortney Lima




At the College Crusade of Rhode Island, over 60 percent of students undermatch when choosing which post-secondary institution to attend, or if they attend one at all. My "problem of practice" addresses the role of the high school advisor, specifically how increasing training and professional development for the high school advisor will decrease undermatch and increase post-secondary success. 


As the Associate Director of College Admissions, my role is to address undermatching from a macro view. Instead of working 1:1 with students in an advising role, I am implementing new programs and re-designing existing programs as well as updating and increasing the training that high school advisors recieve. This past year, I have planned college visits, our Getting to College Conference, Community Mock Interview Day and have met with countless admissions representatives who have visited our office. 




The College Crusade of Rhode Island is a non-profit organization that is funded by GEAR UP, private corporations as well as the State of Rhode Island. The Crusade porivdes college access support to six districts are classified as low-income in which the majority of students are the first in their family to go to college.  The organization hires young professionals to serve as high school advisors in the partnered schools throughout the six districts it supports. Due to this model, College Crusade high school advisors are expected to be guidance counselors with low-pay and minimal training. This model casues high turnover, inconsistent advising, and a systemic issue in undermatching. By increasing the training and professional development the advisor recieves and their knowledge of the college going process, current and future high school advisors will be able to affectivley mentor students through the college process and decrease the percentage of students who undermathch in their post-secondary options. 






DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.