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Relevant Concepts and Literature


Creating a safe environment through difficult conversations for the transgendered community requires at the outset a broad overview of the language most often found in the literature and discussions of gender, sexuality, culture, discrimination and law. To the left you will find this list under Key Concepts and Terms. This list is not exhaustive but instead has been provided to introduce readers to concepts and terms that may be either unfamiliar or misunderstood.


To gain a deeper insight into the hostile work environment experienced by many transgendered men,women, and individuals,  an introduction to the body of Literature has been provided to the left. This list serves to educate the reader not only on what it means to be transgendered, but also on the history of discrimination and hostility experienced by this community, with further insight provided through exploration of culture, power, equity and influence. And finally the reader is invited to learn about thoughtful leadership and alliance through the power of challenging discussions.


Readers are encouraged to visit Legal Information as well as the Videos and Websites links located to the left, for a more immersive experience and personal understanding of these concepts. Within these areas you can explore legal issues, documents and court cases as well as transgender and social justice related video media and helpful websites that will introduce you to the people most intimately connected to these issues--people within the transgendered community, as well as to thought leaders and allies in social justice.


Lastly please take the time to stop and visit Just For Fun, here you will meet real faces of the transgender community. They are not stereotypes. They are not monsters. They are just people. Like me and like you.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.