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As I embark upon my career in education, I reflect on the important role I will play in the lives of so many children. My responsibility as a teacher extends far beyond teaching curriculum. It involves educating children to be creative thinkers and responsible citizens. To be successful and instill these two qualities in my students, I need to provide a safe community for learning, promote equal opportunity, and foster curiosity.


In order to be successful learners, my students need to walk into a safe environment everyday. I hope to create this consistent environment within my classroom by enforcing appropriate classroom rules, teaching responsibly, holding students accountable for their choices, and encouraging individuality. Each student is different and all students have the right to express themselves uniquely. Taking risks and making mistakes is critical to the learning process. I hope to instill this risk-taking quality in each student by encouraging them to share ideas and teaching them how to respond to others in the classroom. I have zero tolerance for bullying. If students do not feel safe, it will limit their ability to learn.


Along with creating a safe learning community, I will promote equal opportunity for all my students. High expectations will be set for each, regardless of race, gender, class, learning style, etc. I will consider student’s home experience, culture, background knowledge, and learning pace. By differentiating instruction and teaching to students’ strengths, I can reach a variety of learners and increase access to knowledge. I plan to implement Howard Garner’s theory of multiple intelligences in the classroom. This includes using linguistic, logical/mathematical, musical rhythmic, bodily/kinesthetic, spatial, naturalist, intrapersonal, interpersonal, and existential approaches to instruction.


If I can create a safe environment and effectively promote equity, I will be able to foster curiosity. Marva Collins, an American educator said, "Once children learn how to learn, nothing is going to narrow their mind.” Encouraging children to ask questions and share ideas based on personal interest can engage students and will lead to a positive learning disposition. I hope to instill the desire to learn by allowing my students to make choices and provide opportunity for exploration.


My teaching philosophy is based on what I believe I owe every single one of my students. It is my desire to create an atmosphere where all children are comfortable asking questions and expressing themselves while being respectful and open to other ideas and opinions.  Every June, I hope to watch my students leave with more skills to solve problems, think creatively, and be responsible citizens. A career in education means providing students with the essential tools to be successful learners in school and in life. I hope to make a difference. 

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