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Honors Applied Physiology and Exercise


Course Description


Prerequisite B In Anatomy and Physiology


This science elective reinforces the lessons learned in Anatomy and Physiology by extending the student’s knowledge and understanding of the structure and function of the human body and its response to proper nutrition and exercise.  During this course of study, students will examine the effects of exercise and nutrition on human health; investigate the response oh the human body to exercise in various environments; understand the mechanisms behind the body’s metabolic systems at rest and during exercise.  Key topics of this course include Introduction to Exercise Physiology, Neurological Control of Movement, Neuromuscular Adaptations to Resistant Training, Metabolism and Basic Energy Systems, Cardiovascular System responses to exercise, EKG Interpretation, Respiratory Regulation During Exercise, Exercise in Hypobaric, Hyperbaric, and Microgravity Environments, Erogenic Aids to Performance, Nutrition and Exercise, and Prescription of Exercise for Health and Fitness.  This is an ideal course for students interested in studying Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology, Health/Physical Education, Sports Fitness, Nutrition, and Personal Training.


Course Expectations


This is a human performance lab course.  Students are expected to study and research how the human body is affected by exercise.  The students in the course will be expected to perform various physical activity labs and may need to change into gym clothes to do so.  Some of these labs include determining anaerobic threshold, aerobic capacity, percent body fat, and muscle strength.  To successfully complete the class students must be willing to participate in all human performance activities.


Course Work / Assessment


Students will be assessed through a number of methods

  1. Tests and Quizzes
  2. Labs
  3. Projects / Presentations
  4. Case Studies
  5. Sport Analysis
  6. Exercise Analysis


Electronic Portfolio


This class will be experimenting with the use of an electronic portfolio.  This will be discussed in the first couple of classes and will be an on going work in progress.  As a class we will determine the best options for setting up the portfolio and using it to our advantage.  An electronic portfolio is a web site that you can store all your work on.  It is basically a blog that is set up to show off all your work in the class.  We will discuss our options for this as the course goes on.


Grading Breakdown


  • Tests and Quizzes                     30%
  • Projects / Presentations             30%
  • Labs                                         15%
  • Sport Analysis                           10%
  • Exercise Analysis                       10%
  • Class work / H.W.                      5%



Course Topics


  1. Introduction to Exercise Physiology
  2. Metabolism and Basic Energy Systems
  3. Review of Muscle Contraction and Skeletal Muscle Specifics
  4. Review Neurophysiology of Muscle Action
  5. Developing proper Resistance Training Programs
  6. Ethics in Sports / Human Performance Drugs and Competition
  7. Cardiovascular Adaptations to Training
  8. Developing the Cardiovascular System
  9. Sport Specific Training Methods
  10. .  Exercise Prescription for specific populations
  11.   Exercise in Hypobaric, Hyperbaric, and Microgravity   Environments
  12.   Sport and Society:  Developing the athlete in the 21st Century











STUDENT NAME_________________________________PERIOD_____DATE___






MAJOR ENERGY SYSTEM___________________________________________













MAJOR MUSCLE GROUPS___________________________________________




















  1. Major muscle groups involved
  2. Secondary muscle groups involved











            If done electronic embed video on your blog or e-portfolio

















What sports would this exercise benefit the most and why?





















DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.