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Elisabeth Cassinari

Hello and Welcome!


My name is Elisabeth Cassinari, and in April 2017 after two very intense years I completed the Master's of Education program here at Northeastern University with honors!  


However that is not much in the way of an introduction is it! What makes an introduction good? Can a first impression be properly conveyed through this electronic medium? I can share with you the basic demographics: I am female (hopefully my name gave that away), I am thirty something, I reside in the middle of nowhere Massachusetts (and it is indeed lovely). I was a student at Northeastern for both my bachelors and master's degrees. I believe vehemently that education changes lives and I want to be a part of that change. And I am finally on my way to doing just that.



Now those things don’t say much about “ who” I am now do they? To catch a glimpse of that which is me, I would have to share something more personal. Such as, I am a voracious reader. I read anything and everything I can lay my eyes on. My favorite author will most likely always be Steinbeck but at the same time I can think of hundreds of other novels by hundreds of other authors who captivate me as equally. I am fiercely loyal and painfully honest. Some call me an artist though I have no formal training. I am endlessly optimistic and I love my life regardless of its imperfections. I am lucky enough to be in love with my best friend and perhaps luckier still for the gift of his wonderful daughter. I hope I have with my introduction conveyed some sense of who I am.


Please take a stroll through my ePortfolio. There is a wealth of information contained within these easy to use pages, tabs and links. 


  • Professional profile: resume and related achievements
  • Goals: aspirations
  • M.Ed. Program Details: information about my master of education degree which will be updated frequently with assignments related to each course in my program
  • Personal information: who I am, what has shaped my view and what motivates me each and every day
  • Contact information: best contact information and LinkedIn information

Thank you for coming by, please check back soon for updates as I progress through my program and spark changes throughout my life and career.






DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.