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Call of the Wild

by Jack London




I beleive that teaching a child something new is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. For me, the opportunity to teach is a life-long dream. Teaching my 8th grade team at the Comprehensive Grammar School in Methuen, MA is more than just a rewarding experience.; it is life defining.

      As an English teacher in a multi-cultural school it is important that I gear my teaching to diversity. The book Call of the Wild , by Jack London is one of those books that is universally appreciated for it's authenticity, adventure and canine connections. Since I am a "dog person", it is easy for me to connect with the story ( I have never read this book before) and impart not only my interpertation of Jack London's vision of Buck, but my knowledge of dogs as well. Having four dogs (my husband and I rescue) allows me to make an even deeper connection with my students, not only those with dogs, but those who are very interested in the fact that I have four dogs!

     As the CPT for the unit, I put together a plan which I call "Dogs for Sale". It was up to the students to "sell" a dog that would survive in the Yukon to the inhabitants of that part of the world. They had certain criteria such as the dog had to be a pure bread dog, that advertising or selling meant they had to persuade their audience, and finally they had to be creative with the project. I gave them the opportunity to produce a brochure, poster, video or powerpoint. I only had one powerpoint, several very enteratining videos and lots of posters and brochures.



Dog for Sale


Find a dog that you feel will be able to survive in the northern wilderness and put together and advertising/marketing program selling this dog to the people living in the Yukon Territory.  This means that you are trying to sell your dog and ideas.


You will be doing this project on your own.

However, if you are doing a video, you may work as a team.

We will be working on this in class and you can work on it at home too.

We will be using the computer lab for research and for writing purposes.

The final project is due Friday, March 4, 2011


You will create one of the following as your project:

  • A brochure
  • A poster
  • A video
  • A Powerpoint

The project should include:

  •  The breed of Dog
  • All pertinent information regarding the Dog’s background, history, health issues, food requirements, hygiene, behaviors and habits.
  • Pictures or videos of the dog

Reasons why you think this particular dog is great!


This project gives you the opportunity to be creative and have fun! We will discuss more about the project next week! In the meantime you need to find a dog you like, that can survive in the North Country and one you feel you will be able to “sell” to the public.


Steps and Due Dates for the Project


  1. Select a dog you will use for this project
  2. Check on the internet and in the library for different breeds and their breeding and background information.
  3. Hand in your Part 1 Information page with all of the information filled in by Monday February 14.
  4. Your Guideline Worksheet is due by February 17 for review.
  5. Start the Project! Be creative with your projects. They must contain the following:
    1. Pictures of the animal
    2. Facts on the breed, background, history, behaviors, habits etc.
    3. An essay of at least two paragraphs explaining why this dog is the best dog for any job in the North Country. This can be in a brochure or on a poster.
    4. If you are doing a video the ‘essay’ needs to be presented verbally in the video. In other words you must state why your dog is the best for the job.
    5. Any stories, tales or fables about your breed. ( optional)
  6. Be creative and colorful with your projects. EVERYONE will be presenting them to the class on March 4!
  7. You must hand in all of your notes with your final project.
  8. You are expected to use proper English writing and grammar.





  • When you are planning your project think of commercials we see every day on TV, magazines, on the internet and on billboards.
  • Most ads have a hook or a catch to them, so if you can think of a catch-phrase, poem, rap, something colorful or something that will attract your audience.
  • Advertisements are PERSUASSIVE!
  • When writing or speaking you are trying to persuade your audience that your dog is the best!


Dogs for Sale- Information Sheet 1   Due February 14







Dog Breed Chosen:________________________________________



Format:         Brochure                   Poster                                    Video             Other:



Do you have access to a computer at home?            Yes      No






Dog For Sale – Guideline Worksheet  - Due February 17



  1. Please use the following information to create a guideline on a separate piece of paper for your project. This is due for approval on 2/17/11.

Thesis:  State the reason your dog is the best for the job

  1. Why you chose this dog
    1. Make sure to include your reasons for picking this particular breed and what made you choose this dog.
  2. What facts and evidence about the dog will you include in the project?
    1. Make a one word list of the different information you will be including in your project. For instance, History, Weight, Height, habits etc.
  3. What strategies you plan to use to sell your dog?
    1. Poem, rap, pictures, painting, writing, videos etc.
  4. Other original, creative, inspirational and imaginative materials and ideas!

      e.g, build your own dog, use balloons, three-D,




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.