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Hello!  My name is Greg Mertz and I am currently working as a Technology Integration Specialist at an independant school near Boston. 


I am determined, inventive, and resourceful and have established programs that engage students directly.  I am eager to employ the full breadth and depth of my skills in an effort to spark students to fully connect to their education, relate material to their own lives, and ultimately ignite and foster a passion for learning.


I hope you enjoy looking through my ePortfolio!  The site contains a wealth of information and is easily navigable using the link sin the side bar or each page and the tabs across the top.  You will find pages detailing my:


    • Professional profile: resume, references, philosophies, sample work
    • Goals: aspirations
    • M.Ed. Program Details: information about my master of education degree including details and and sample work from each class I have taken
    • Personal information: activities and pastimes I enjoy 
    • Contact information: best contact information and LinkedIn information

Thank you for your interest, and I hope we have the chance to speak!


Best, Greg




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.