DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

My lesson Unit Plan on Maps and Map Making was created for a mixed-age Kindegarden and First Grade classroom. 


Unit Plan: Map Unit Plan.pdf


Map Unit Lessons:


Introduction to Map Making-City Building.pdf

Below is a panorama of the city that students built in the block area to begin the mapping unit. After the city was constructed students mapped the block area and compared their maps to the below image to see which buildings and landmarks they included on their maps and which ones they did not. 



Below is an outline of the block area that students were given to map the city they had built. 


Below are some of the maps that students created of the city in the block area.





Hide-a-Penny.pdf: Lesson plan for the Hide-a-Penny activity that would take place during both math and project times.


Home To School Maps.pdf

Below are some more samples of the Home-to-School maps created by the students in my class. 



Map of Boston.pdf

Below are different students working on the map of Boston in its different stages; outlining the city, adding the ocean, rivers, ponds, and streams, creating the different neighborhoods, adding their homes, subway lines, and bridges.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.