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Michele Glynne

Beethoven Elementary School

5125 Washington Street

Boston, MA 02132




April 15, 2012

To whom it may concern,

Laura Finkelstein is a talented, dedicated teacher who has excelled as a student teacher in my 2nd grade classroom. Laura completed thirteen weeks of student teaching under my supervision. I am pleased to write a recommendation for Laura because I was continually impressed at the degree of care, enthusiasm, and thoughtfulness she gave each student and each lesson in the classroom every day.

During Laura’s student teaching experience, she was highly motivated to learn as much as she could and begin establishing her leadership role in the classroom. Laura demonstrated her awareness of different learning styles and adequately adjusted lessons and assignments to support student progress in learning. Her lessons and units were thoroughly prepared with high expectations for all students and appropriate for the developmental level of all learning abilities.

Laura’s experience in teaching Social Studies included a 12 week unit that incorporated geography, immigration, maps, cultural traditions and customs. She was very mindful to reference both the Massachusetts and Citywide History and Social Studies Learning Standards.  Laura developed her own activities for the students including a travel brochure, maps, family trees, and culminating in a publishing party where the children presented their reports on a country. She was successful in monitoring the implementation and pace of the unit and adjusting to various schedule changes in order to complete it during her time of teaching.

Between weeks six and eight, Laura increased her teaching responsibilities by assuming responsibility for teaching both reading and math in addition to her existing Social Studies curriculum. Laura’s planning and delivery of the reading curriculum was impressive. She planned reading groups, communicated the objectives clearly to the students, and engaged the students using a variety of teaching strategies. Laura prepared herself for math by becoming familiar with the unit and understanding the “big ideas”. She had the ability to ask effective instructional questions which support learning and classroom discussion. Laura also incorporated technology into many of her lessons. She was very reflective of all her lessons. This type of commitment and attention to detail was inspiring.

Laura’s classroom management and organizational skills were remarkable. Patience, determination, and consistency come naturally to Laura and are traits that directly impact teachers’ classroom management skills. She used projects and assignments that were both interesting and challenging as a way to manage the classroom.  Laura also employed positive methods that were respectful to the students in order to promote a positive educational outcome.

In summary, Laura displayed the qualities and skills that make a teacher successful. She is confident, motivated, and in tune with the needs of the students. Not only does she interact well with the students, but also positively engaged with the staff as well as the parents.  I highly recommend Laura for a teaching position.


Michele Glynne

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