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Leigh M. Stanford

 7 Wagon Wheel Rd, Plymouth, MA

(774)454-6092  Stanford.Leigh@gmail.com



“Learning About and With One Another”


Through creating a democratic classroom, I will encourage my students to become active participants in their education and in their society. This education will focus on student-centered learning, exploratory talk, and the development of “wonderful ideas.” My work is about my students. My greatest joys as an aspiring educator have come from the moments I have been able to make a difference for my students.



Northeastern University; Boston, MA

Master of Arts in Teaching, Elementary Education, Anticipated June 2012

         Special interest in inclusion and special education

Coursework Projects: Developed Race & Ethnicity Action Plan: “The Peace Calendar Project”; Student Literacy Case Study; “Asperger’s Syndrome & The Gender Gap” Research project; IEP development; Learner in Context Project; Special Education Teacher Interview; Student Teaching Dialogic Journal

         Massachusetts Initial Elementary Licensure (1-6), Anticipated June 2012


Fordham University, Bronx, NY

Bachelor of Arts, English, May 2009


International Education of Students, Paris, France

August 2007-December 2007


Qualifying Professional Experiences

Hosmer Elementary School

Watertown, MA

Grade 3 Classroom Teacher

May 2012-present


Hosmer Elementary School

Watertown, MA

Instructional Assistant, Grade 1

April 2012-May 2012

Hosmer Elementary School

Watertown, MA

Student Teacher, Grade 2

January 2012-April 2012

Instructed all academic aspects of 2nd grade inclusive classroom

Designed daily lesson plans, units, and assessment tools, practicing differentiated instruction and Universal Design for Learning

Developed and executed effective classroom management strategies

Collaborated with colleagues to develop and execute differentiated grade-wide reading groups and to co-ordinate benchmarks for learning in all subject areas

Developed relationships with families through conversations at “pick-up,” sending notes home, and attending quarterly conferences

Created a richer learning environment by cultivating meaningful relationships with students, parents, and staff, by engaging students in cross-curricular learning, and by creating learning-based classroom displays

Improved students reading comprehension by targeting reading instruction

Developed month-long plant unit designed to engage students as scientists in questioning and wondering about the world around them

Taught extensive diversity unit calling students to consider how to work for justice and their individual place and participation in society

Encouraged students to work to understand what kinds of learning work best for them as an individual learner; worked for students to understand that everyone learns in different ways and it is my job as “teacher” to teach in ways that make sense for each student by practicing “let me see your thumbs”

Established and implemented a behavior management program with three students in the classroom that resulted in more student focus and greater academic gains


Hosmer Elementary School

Watertown, MA

Pre-practicum Field Work

Fall 2012

Observed 2nd grade classroom

Worked one-on-one with a student to complete a literacy case study

Assessed literacy development using anecdotal notes & running records; identified key strengths and suggested areas for further work

  -Formulated lesson plans to further develop student’s literacy skills

  -Student’s reading fluency and benchmark scores improved 3 levels, from a J to an M

Viewed learning in the classroom through Piagetian and Vygotskian lenses allowing for a better understanding of educational theory as practice in the classroom

Observed and reported on the social context of the school

Observed and reported on inclusion: addressed issues of equity, quality, and access

Assisted with classroom management


Watertown Public Schools & Chelsea Public Schools

Watertown & Chelsea, MA

Substitute Teacher

Spring 2011-Present

Elementary and Preschools

Follow Lesson Plans, keep order in the classroom and students focused

Foster a healthy learning environment

Leave follow-up notes for the teacher outlining the day, the lessons, and the students’ behavior


New York Cares

New York, NY

Volunteer- After-school writing program

Winter 2010

Worked with students on a weekly basis to develop writing skills by assisting students in developing creative writing, narrative writing, and poetry skills

Encouraged students to write for pleasure through demonstrating creative and personal writing activities


Bloomberg L.P. 

New York, NY

New Hire Educator

March 2009-February 2011

Prepared new hires at the company with the skills necessary to perform successfully

Developed new hire curriculum: planned lessons, conducted class, assigned homework, developed examinations
Created ongoing advanced training and professional development for current employees


Additional Work Experience

Simon and Schuster

New York, NY

Audio Marketing & Publicity Intern

September 2008-December 2008
Constituent Office of Senator Edward M. Kennedy

Boston, MA

Issues Intern

May 2007-August 2007 


Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

New York, NY

Communications, Media, & Public Relations Intern

February 2007-May 2007

Other Notes

The United State’s President’s Volunteer Service Award, Gold level
Published magazine articles reporting on Children’s Congress in Countdown for Kids magazine

Intermediate Fluency in French

SmartBoard, iPass, Mac, Windows, Microsoft


- References and Supplemental Information Available Upon Request -

Portfolio viewable at: northeastern.digication.com/leighstanford

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.