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Lukas Morgan

GE1501 8:00AM


Professor Jennifer Love

373 Snell Engineering

Northeastern University

Boston, MA 02115


Dear Professor Love,


I am submitting the Individual Final Report for our Research Expedition. This quest entailed we wrap up our research, and prove that we all know the material of topic, not just one expert who shared their information. I believe this was better than a guild final report because it allowed each member to discuss their feelings on the topic.


Our research proved to be very beneficial and I am walking away with a very detailed understanding of haptic technology. Arguably, I cannot go out and design my own device but I am still able to explain the basics behind haptic devices and their uses in the field, specifically in the field of minimally-invasive surgery. I am very glad and grateful the guild chose to research a topic I have been interested in. Without this research, I would not have had the opportunity to focus on something I am interested in, and now understand better. For this report, I had to review the articles and go through the P-CER Method and then summarize all that information, although it was helpful to look at the initial and full literature reviews, and the presentation in order to pull out some important information. It was beneficial to me to reflect on what I had done during this project and also focus on some other topics that I did not have 100% certainty with because one of my guild members may have focused on more than I did.


Now that we have completed our research, we can start to brainstorm basic haptic devices using our SparkFun kits. What is funny is that we had already discussed an “Operation” game-type device before we saw your suggestion on our presentation, but this just says great minds think alike. We can look at different sensors and possibly a vibrational motor to use with our kit. We need to think of types of inputs that could give the user a cue that they are approaching an important tissue or organ. Once again, it is unanimous from the guild, but we all believe we work extremely well together and we are able to communicate effectively and split up work evenly in order to obtain the highest quality.




Lukas Morgan

Guild Leader

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.