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Offers students an opportunity to reflect on concentration-specific work, considering their development as scholars, practitioners, and leaders in the field of education. Requires students to demonstrate mastery of content through practicum or a significant project adapted to the professional requirements of each concentration. After a thorough process of feedback and revision, students are required to present their final ePortfolios in a public forum to showcase their work and demonstrate achievement of program competencies.





Prior to beginning this course I was unsure about what it would entail, but because it was the last course needed to complete the M. Ed. program, I began the course full of energy and full of anticipation. The Capstone course is taken alone to finalize the entire M. Ed. program at Northeastern University. Because I have been a full time student taking 2 courses at a time throughout the graduate program, I was unsure about how I would spend the extra time. The purpose of the course quickly became evident as I began: to reflect profoundly on every aspect of the course in order to draw conclusions about my ability as an educator and to tie skills learned in the program to skills I already had. Instead of reading and synthesizing new material, as was done in all other courses, I made realizations about what I have learned through the program and how the lessons learned helped me grow in education.


Through my reflections, re-reflections, and reflections on my re-reflections during this course I was able to notice a pattern in my personal development. Technology and education are the 2 areas in which I plan to develop and incorporate in my teaching, and the study of the brain has become a new passion of mine after learning much about the brain in the program. As I finish the course I can only look back at the whole experience with admiration at Northeastern University for the design of the course. Instead of learning new concepts as in other courses, and besides realizing more about ourselves, we got our first experience working as a master of education by doing the Problem of Practice case study. It has been a long process, but the impact this course has left on me is permanent. Thank you very much for this life-changing experience!



Signature Assignments


Professional Competency Model - https://northeastern.digication.com/matthew_lucas1/PCM/published


Problem of Practice Case Study - https://northeastern.digication.com/homework_overload/Home/published


Professional Showcase Portfolio - https://bucky927.wixsite.com/matthew-lucas


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.