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Educational Assessment


Presents both formal and informal measures for assessing learners' progress. Course involves analyzing various approaches to interpreting individual and group performance. Uses of formative and summative assessments are examined in relation to maintaining a positive learning environment based on research and best practices. A variety of learning assessment strategies will be examined such as the development of rubrics, journal evaluation techniques, standardized testing, Universal Design strategies, technology-based assessments, and portfolios.






In Educational Assessment I learned the difference between formative and summative assessment.  Formative assessments are conducted throughout the course to indicate both the teacher as well as the learner in what areas improvement is needed in order to reach lesson objectives.  These assessments are useful for the teacher in that they assist the teacher modify lessons to maximize learning, and they are useful for the students in that they let the student know if they are learning as they should, or if they need to modify their learning strategies and methodologies in order to satisfy lesson objectives.  Summative assessments are reserved for the end of the course and are essentially used to determine the subsequent placement of the student. 


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.