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Contemporary Issues in Education


Bullying and debates about curriculum, standards, and accountability are everyday issues in conversations in schools throughout the U.S. In many ways, schools are microcosms of our diverse communities and society. This survey course examines contemporary issues impacting schools and the American education system by analyzing the evolving relationship between schools, communities, states, and national education goals and initiatives. Students learn how to examine social, political, economic, and legal issues in education from both historical and contemporary perspectives through dialogue and appreciation of diverse views.






I examined the dynamic relationships among communities, schools, states, and national education goals and initiatives that all impact the American education system. I became familiar with controversial topics such as racism, bullying (and cyber-bullying), the introduction of Common Core mathematics, standardized testing, and exasperated parents and teachers. This course made me aware of the contemporary issues that are likely to present themselves throughout my career as an educator.


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.