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Technology as a Medium for Learning


Investigates the role that technology can play in transforming the learning experience. Emphasizes interactive approaches that increase learner access, persistence, and engagement and designs that yield evidence of learning. In addition to investigating research relevant to media design, such as visual-auditory processing, cognitive load, and universal design, the course introduces protocols for aligning technology strategy with learning goals and learner needs. Offers students an opportunity to experiment with a suite of emerging technologies and then to develop an online, media-rich learning environment.





Before beginning the course, the description of EDU 6323 prepared to explore the world of tools that technology offers education.  Notwithstanding, the heavy focus on educational neuroscience and its relationship with technology was a pleasant surprise for me: it's as if this course were 2 courses in 1.  I consider myself a fairly technology savvy person, but the plethora of tools demonstrated to us during this course not only humbled me, but also taught me about any things I had never learned, such as RSS feeds.

Although I had learned the basics of the brain in EDU6520, Minds Online offered concise and effective lessons about the brain's capabilities to foster teaching and learning in the classroom.  Instead of learning about synapses and fMRI experiments, I learned about the parts of the brain essential to cognition, such as memory and attention, and about the web 2.0 tools that maximize student cognition and therefore student learning.  Upon terminating the course I feel accomplished, satisfied, proud, and a little exhausted to have made it to the end of this 12 week adventure.  I really appreciate my time learning from the profound knowledge, anecdotes, and experience of Dr. Watwood and my classmates, and I want to say thank you to all.  We had a great time here and on Twitter!


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.