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Policy and Leadership


Designed to engage students in systems thinking, specifically about how education policies at the federal and state levels impact teaching and learning in elementary and secondary schools. Studies the fundamentals of how policy is created and implemented and analyzes the ways in which competing visions of the purpose of public education frame policy debates and outcomes. Focuses on a variety of contemporary policy initiatives. Offers students an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of specific policies that relate closely to their professional roles and to seek to identify and practice the skills educators need in order to assume leadership roles in directly and indirectly influencing policy.


EDU 6328 Policy and Leadership MEd Master Syllabus Winter 2019.pdf




My little knowledge of education policy was increased exponentially in this course.  By learning about past policy endeavors, I now understand the many factors that go into policy creation.  By analyzing 4 research articles and 3 separate textbooks concerned with policy and leadership, I learned how to think of education as a system that needs constant improvement, the ideal manner with which to implement policy, and how to function as a leader to facilitate needed policy implementation, regardless of my formal professional title.  Through deep reflection, my deeply held personal values and beliefs enable me to be aware of the "big picture" and to harmoniously strive to realize ideal objectives.  I now feel prepared to collaborate as an education policy stakeholder and contribute to the evolution of education policy.


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.