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My Goals



Upon graduating high school, I loved computers, technology, and networking, so I joined the US Air Force as a networking technician.  During the past 6 years I have found myself in the role as an educator.


I plan to remain and grow in this field as an educator.  Completing a M.Ed. program will allow me to grow as an educator.  After finishing the program, and returning to the U.S., I will pursue a career as a high school teacher, teaching Spanish and ESL classes. 


I am also fascinated with Astronomy and Physics, and this fascination will probably involve more education in the appropriate fields, allowing me to continue the constant educational experience of life.  Fortunately, as an educator, academic and professional aspirations coincide:  learning as much as possible is my dream, and this professional facilitates this dream.


I anticipate putting my learning into action by studying important education components presented in the M.ed program, then applying the concepts in my role as a teacher..and as a learner.


To develop as a professional I want to work on researching relevant topics and using these topics to improve in all aspects, not only professional aspects.  After 4 weeks of engagement in the M.ed program I have decided to investigate inequalities in education and educate others about these concerns in order to make positive changes in education and in the community.

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