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Masters Program Mission, Distinctiveness, and Outcomes


This page is included for your reference so that you can maintain awareness of the criteria for assessing your development, the value of your signature work, and the quality of your ePortfolio. You can click on the "Program-Level Evidence" link on the left to upload exemplars of your work that reflect your progress and accomplshments in these areas.


Program Mission


The Master of Education program at Northeastern University develops educators with the skills and intellectual acumen to be effective, to question systemic norms, and to anticipate and shape a more equitable, globally connected society.


Program Distinctiveness


The Master of Education portfolio program is distinctive because it:


  • Effectively melds applied professional practice and scholarship;
  • Examines the societal impact of technology upon education worldwide;
  • Explores the learner in context throughout the lifespan;
  • Instills an understanding of education from a worldwide perspective; and
  • Guides the development of a degree-wide integrative ePortfolio that is retained by the graduate for continuing professional advancement.



"Outcomes" are the attributes and capabilities that the Masters program intends to cultivate in its students.  Viewed as a set, they are a vision for excellence.  


A graduate of the M.Ed. Program is a: 

A Systems Thinker

  • Perceives self as an educator participating within a larger system of education
  • Demonstrates strategic awareness
  • Looks for patterns and makes connections
  • Sees how parts relate to the whole, including the implications of systems and organizational change

A Communicator

  • Proficient as a writer and as a presenter
  • Capacity to work within groups to listen well, speak well, and co-author
  • Able to collaborate and communicate in a range of modalities (face-to-face and online)
  • Facile with technology, keeps current with emerging technologies and social media

A Creative Problem Solver

  • Situational awareness and leadership in identifying and defining challenges
  • Thinks creatively to generate ideas and be open to alternatives
  • Develops and implements plans for addressing problems and effecting change
  • Is resilient in less-than-optimal circumstances

Culturally Responsive

  • Perceives the professional self as functioning within a global context of education
  • Aware of the dynamics of race, class, gender, and the other cultural factors within community dynamics and intercultural communication
  • Interest in, and capacity to perceive, multiple perspectives
  • Self-aware of cultural perspective and privilege
  • Capacity to serve as an agent for social justice
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.