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Hi everyone!


My name is Megan and I just finished my second year as a health science major. I am also on a pre-med track and hope to become a practicing physician in the future. I am on the 4year/1co-op plan and will take a gap year before applying to medical school in my home state of Texas.


Currently, I am back in Houston enjoying spending time with family, the heat and proximity to good barbeque. Since I am home, my calendar is very light as I am just taking this course and volunteering at a free community clinic a few times a week.


I will be returning to Boston in July for Summer 2 courses, and in the fall I will be in classes as well as starting my first co-op search. My goal for co-op is to go abroad and conduct clinical research. Ideally, I would work in South or Southeast Asia as I am Bangladeshi on my father's side and would love the chance to be able to study health care practices in that area of the world while also learning about culture. Long term, I hope to become an Obstetrician/Gynecologist. I am fascinated by women's health and find both the biological aspects as well as the political and human rights discussions very intriguing.


On campus, I am involved with many different clubs and organizations. For example, I am a part of Northeastern's pep band and perform at volleyball, basketball and hockey games. I have been playing the trumpet for ten years and the pep band has been a great way for me to continue to express my creativity. I am also a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon where I am a diversity and inclusion co-chair. This is a position that I really cherish as I am able to highlight the diversity in my sorority and on campus as well as talk about important issues in a fun, exciting way. Additionally, I am the membership director for the Mixed Student Union (MSU) which is a club for students of mixed race and cultural backgrounds. This organization has been instrumental in helping me to better understand and communicate my identity and I hope to help grow the organization in order to empower more multicultural students.


In my free time, I love to walk around Boston to find new places to eat, admire the gorgeous brownstones, and absorb the history of the city. When it is too cold outside to explore, I can be found reading a book or watching television. I am a huge cinephile and enjoy critiquing and discussing movies with friends. (The photo in the header is from one of my favorite movies, Frances Ha.) Additionally, I like to travel with my family and learn about the world through experiences.

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My family in Ireland.

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