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This is Nadia Eltelaity, I have worked in the field of education since 2000, first as a social worker for 4 years in the Vocational Rehabilitation Association and then as a teacher in a primary school for 2 years, and then in the Higher Education in the Student Affairs field since 2006. 


I worked for thirteen years in the field of higher education, specifically in Student Affairs, Admissions and Registration in Egypt and Qatar. Most recently, I worked as a Registration Manager at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies.


Recently, I took part in a research project for the creation of a committee for curriculum management in my institution. W
e faced a problem of not having stable study plans as we received several requests to change them during one year, that's when we realized that we are facing a problem, and the research question was: How to manage curriculum?

I read a book about curriculum management published by AACRAO ( American Association for Registrars and Admissions Officers) where I found how do the American universities manage their curriculum then I attended the annual meeting of the association and discussed the issue with a couple of speakers.

 After that, I wrote down a draft for creating a curriculum management committee to be responsible for studying the change requests coming from schools and consider them as initiators then the committee gives its recommendations and the approval comes from the Institution Council. 


I used to be a member of the Policies Committee where all the academic policies were reviewed and edited according to the first two years of operation. In this committee, I used to make research methods and the practice feedback reflection. 


I am convinced that I applied the main conditions of the research study where I made the main question to be answered by the research, I collected data from the literature review ( the curriculum management book), then I conducted a semi-structured survey (when I consulted a couple of AACRA experts), I believe that I created an analytical view the made some recommendations which might be examined by experience and open another need for another research. 


Thank You



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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.