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Professional Journals & Organizations - Education


This site provides a listing of peer-reviewed educational journals and professional organizations, categorized according to concentrations within the Master of Education program. Click on the links in the gray top navigation bar to access a list of journals for your concentration.


Some of the journals are open for public view, but you will need to go through the library to read the full text of most peer-reviewed articles. 


To access the articles through the library, go to the Education Research site that is maintained by Northeastern's Library (http://subjectguides.lib.neu.edu/edresearch).  




1. Enter the publication name or a topic in the box labeled "EBSCO Integrated Search" (see screenshot below). 


2. You can also find articles by typing key words into the "Scholar OneSearch" form that is located lower on the Education Research page.  After you get the results you can click on "Show Only Peer-Reviewed Journals" to focus on sources that are appropriate for the Education as an Advanced Field of Study course.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.