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Awards and Accomplishments

Berklee's Annual Staff Awards: BRASS Awards

Every year, Berklee hosts the BRASS Awards (Berklee Recognition and Acknowledgement of Staff Support) to honor staff members' work in eight categories.  

  • Individual award for leadership/mentorship (2018)
  • Team collaboration award for Career Jam event (2018)
  • Team collaboration award for new internal communications and career platform (2017)
  • Individual award for collegiality/morale-building (2014)
  • Team collaboration award for Berklee’s social media network (2014)

Conference Presentations
I attend the annual Higher Ed Web conference, an opportunity to learn about all topics at the intersection of web/marketing/digital strategy and higher education. 

  • Higher Ed Web conference: "Is Email Actually Dead? Using an Integrated Approach for College Communications" (2014)
  • Higher Ed Web conference: "All Together Now: Mindfully Integrating an Increasingly Disparate Brand" (2014)
  • Higher Ed Live webinar: "All Together Now: Mindfully Integrating an Increasingly Disparate Brand" (2015)

Leadership Programs

  • Berklee's Leadership Development Program (2015–2016):
    I participated in Berklee's year-long Leadership Development Program, in which a cohort of 15 staff members from all levels of the organization develops leadership skills and tactics for leading from any chair. The cohort is divided into smaller groups for year-long Action Learning Projects with an executive sponsor, to conduct research and develop recommendations for a topic related to Berklee's strategic plan. My team examined the complex and important topic of diversity recruitment for staff and faculty hiring. 
  • Facilitative Leadership for Social Change (2014):
    I participated in this two-day workshop at the Interaction Institute for Social Change, where I developed skills and tools for collaborating and working effectively with colleagues. 
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.