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Professional Profile

Bridge-builder. Fixer. User advocate. 


I fell in love with music in college, but didn't realize until mid-way through that I could turn it into a career. After internships in music marketing/PR and music management, I interned at Passim, a nonprofit music venue with education and outreach programs, deep ties to folk music history, and a vibrant community. Over the next five years, Passim became my home. As the Education, and Outreach Director, I ran the music school, including programming, hiring staff, and budgeting. During my time there, I doubled the number of students through improved marketing and student communication, market research, incorporating student feedback, maximizing our facilities, and adjusting the tuition and teacher payment model in a way that benefitted everyone.


As the school thrived, I began to take on more operations and marketing roles, eventually becoming the Operations, Education, and Outreach Director. I oversaw our ticketing management system, patron database, and had the opportunity to manage a major website redesign. As I spent more time on marketing efforts, I realized I wanted to move to a role where I could focus on marketing and communication in a larger setting. Soon after, I became the Online Marketing and Communications Manager at Berklee College of Music, which was a natural fit combining my interest in marketing and music.


At Berklee, I oversee internal communications, using a variety of channels to reach students, faculty, staff, and sometimes alumni and parents. My role is a combination of creating processes, best practices, and guidelines for internal communications; serving as a consultant to departments to advise them on the best ways to reach their audiences; working with developers to create or improve homegrown and off-the-shelf platforms; and training colleagues across the college on how to use our platforms while sneaking in some branding 101.


My strengths are building relationships and turning technical systems into effective tools that make it easier for my colleagues to do their jobs. Through these partnerships, I successfully navigated a massive website integration process and launch that involved over 300 content managers, oversaw the launch of a new campus-wide digital signage system, and established email marketing resources and best practices. By blending a combination of relationship-building, innovation, process and structure, I work cross-functionally with colleagues across Berklee to ensure brand consistency and to help my colleagues understand why a cohesive brand is important. 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.