DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

I will include here a brief description of all the pages which form my portfolio in order to make it easier to understand it.


As mentioned in the home page the aim of this project is to answer the question of what is the power of being a critical reader and writer and what are the benefits for being critical.


Working with Richard Miller: In this section I included all the anlysis done on both Miller's passage The Dark Night of the Soul and the author's video "This is How we Dream". This previous work helped me understand the author better in order to be able to make an stronger connection between my project and him. 


Project process: all the work included in this page was thought to help me with the actual development of my final project.

The three pages included, brainstorm, work progress and project reports, contain all the steps which have shaped my project. It has to be seen as the way I have followed to build and shape my project.


A trustful reader: In this section I develop my concept of  "trustful reader". It is all focused on the first type of person, the imitator that leads to the type of reader who is not thoughtful and limits himself to trust and believe.


A wary: In this section through examples I put forward my concept of  "wary reader"  and I describe the main causes and the type of people that lead to this type of reader. 


A critical reader: This last section is aimed at describing what I mean by being critical. I do this by going through the three writers we have analyzed throughout this couse. As well as by using some examples to illustrate the ideas I put forward in this section. Finally, I give answer to the question raised since the beginning of the portfolio: what is the power of being critical?


Reflection essay: The aim of this essay was to reflect about the entire course. To think back to all the previous work done and to write about what I make from the course. I also included here my respond to  some of the questions and quotes included by Miller in the Dark Night of the Soul as well as a page where I describe how this course can influence my future.                                                

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.